Harmon Tumbler Glasse Set: Blue Pheasant

$49.30 $58.00

Set of 2 Blue Pheasant Harmon Tumblers

Choose from 3 beautiful color-Aquamarine, Smoky Topaz, and Quartz.

Feel like a high roller in absolute style with the Harmon tumbler glasses by Blue Pheasant.
Its ice-like textured look and brilliant colors paired with a perfectly weighted grip will make it easy to relax and enjoy your favorite juices, water or beverages and even better for premium whiskeys & Old Fashioned cocktails.

The retro yet modern aesthetic & unique look makes these glasses a great add for any barware enthusiast and a spectacular gift!

Product Details

Material: Hand Blown Glass

Dimensions: 3.5" D x 4" H, 9oz


Dishwasher Safe


Blue Pheasant/ Portugal

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