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There are endless places that offer thousands of dinnerware options but no one really helps you put it all together...So we wanted to make it simple.

We've taken the guessing of "what goes together" out of the picture and replaced it with a unique and cohesive selection of beautiful tableware pieces that will "WOW" your guests.

With a curated look for every personality, kick back and enjoy your new look!

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lollygag The Art-House Collection


The Art-House Collection

We're MAD about Modern Art! That's why we've gathered some of our favorite pieces that bring inspiration, creativity, color and organic shapes & patterns to the table or home with a nod to MOMA favorites such as Picasso, Mondrian & Delaunay.

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Imagined in 2019 by husband & wife Leo and Kiko with a little help from our side-kick & son Kai.
from a LOVE of great design, art, fun textiles, good eats, and the hunt for vintage finds!

When shopping for our home, we noticed there are endless places that offer thousands of dinnerware options, but no one helps you put it all together.
That's why we wanted to make things simpler.

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