lol·ly·gag (`lä-lē-,gag)

To dawdle or spend a little time wandering around...  

lollygag sets


Imagined in 2019 by husband & wife (a.k.a Dynamic Design Duo), Leo and
Kiko with a little help from our trusty side-kick & son Kai.

From a love of design, art, fun textiles, good eats, and the hunt for vintage finds!

What is Lollygag?

We are an online store and lifestyle brand located in the great Pacific Northwest. 
We believe that great memories begin at the table, 
and now more than ever, connecting with friends & loved ones is so important.

Whether you‘re bringing back the old school dinner party or simply enjoying an everyday family meal, sometimes it can be hard finding the perfect look for your table that matches your style, and we get that.

There are endless places that offer dinnerware options, but no one really helps you put it all we wanted to make it simple.

We’ve created a space where you can find everything you need to make it all happen without hours wasted searching for the right pieces  and replaced it with a fun assortment of beautiful dinnerware pieces and "non-basic" basics. 

Lollygag offers inspiring 
“mix & matchable” curated looks and easy gift sets for different personalities and vibes that will "WOW" your friends.
We also offer a destination for treasure hunters and planet lovers that share
our firm belief in reduce, recycle, reuse & re-LOVE!
So we hunt endlessly for unique and colorful pieces to create amazing
collections filled with forgotten treasures & rare finds just waiting for you to give them a new life!

For us, making those memories is very important... and we want to encourage everyone to get in the kitchen and get cooking  with their loved ones,  make a mess, and above all HAVE SOME FUN!


lollygag sets



It all began in Brooklyn, NY. where founders Kiko and Leo met.
The two quickly realized it was a match made in heaven for
two New York designers with the same love of art, music, design,
vintage goods, and great food!

  Years later, an awesome kiddo, and a move across country to San Francisco, then finally landing in 
Washington State, the dream of starting a business that encompassed all of these loves together in one place was realized.
Then along came Lollygag.

" We felt like after over a decade of working in the fashion design & home decor,
photography, and movie industries, we had great things to offer as one dynamic team."
We wanted to share what we LOVE & VALUE with others
 and help simplify the shopping experience.
We believe in well made,  sustainable goods that aren't just throw away
but that can be used, refreshed, and loved for a long time.
Since we are a  family business, we hand pick each item with love & care...and along with all of this goodness our home, like so many, is internationally influenced by different cultures & flavors... so we wanted to bring you a mix of tasty recipes, drinks & spices inspired by our many travels and multi-cultural home.

Our goal is to inspire others to embrace their uniqueness, try new things,
support more artisans, and above all have a little fun in process!"
We hope you come along on this adventure with us and let us
bring a little 
HAPPY to your home! 


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