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Danica Studio

Founded in 2009 in Vancouver BC, Danica Studio is a modern and quirky design studio with a distinctly Canadian flavor, inspired in equal parts by city's cosmopolitan streets and coastal wilderness that surrounds them.
Nine talented designers and two or three dogs sketch, paint, illustrate, photograph, and argue over the merits of various Canadian indie bands of the ‘90s, The studio collaborates on all of the designs and works together on every detail of each item.

 * A feel-good note: A portion of sales from any Danica Studio & Heirloom go to support Education Without Borders

Danica Studio - Lollygag.co
77 results
Solar Maison Stoneware Covered Sugar Pot/ Salt & Pepper Shaker Set- lollygag
Danica Heirloom Ochre Sunshine Solar Stoneware Set - lollygag
Solar Clay Stoneware Covered Sugar Pot & Salt & Pepper Set
Danica Heirloom Hammered Stainless Steel Measuring Utensils Set - lollygag
Danica Heirloom Hammered Stainless Steel Measuring Cups:
Danica Heirloom Hammered Gunmetal Steel Measuring Cups - lollygag
Danica Heirloom-Hammered-Stainless Steel-Measuring Spoons-lollygag
Soleil Wooden Salad Bowl & Server Set - lollygag
Danica Studio Moon Phases Glass Tea Infuser Bottle - lollygag
Danica Studio Myth Glass Tea Infuser Bottle - lollygag
 Danica Heirloom Gala Marina Mug Set - lollygag
 Danica Heirloom Gala terracota Mug Set - lollygag
Skyline Azure Marble Wood and Resin Coaster Set - lollygag
Globe Ash Acacia Wood Serving Set - lollygag
Midnight Shadow Wool Felted Trivet Set
Danica Heirloom Sunrise Ombre Wool Felted Trivets - Lollygag
Danica studio Blue Lagoon Ombre Felted Trivet - Lollygag
Ombre Felted Trivet 2 Color Set
Super Bloom Floral Wood Salad Serving Set - Lollygag
Sold Out
Solstice Wood Salad Bowl Serving Set - Lollygag
Flight of Fancy Printed Wood Salad Bowl Serving Set- Lollygag
Danica Heirloom Alder Lagoon Woven Placemats- Lollygag
Chambray Heirloom Ochre
Aurora Sunset Danica Studio Ombre Breakfast Set- Lollygag
Alder lagoon Woven Table Runner
Danica Heirloom Alder Nectar Woven Table Runner - Lollygag
Danica Heirloom Alder Nectar Woven Placemat Set - Lollygag
Danica Studio Blue Horizon Ombre Breakfast Dish Set - Lollygag
Danica Heirloom Terrain Mug - Lollygag
Danica Studio Blue Ombre mug set - lollygag
Danica Heirloom Blue Horizon Ombre Bowl Set - Lollygag
Danica Heirloom Sandstone Terrain Mug Set - Lollygag
Terrain Textured Stoneware Gray Mug - Lollygag
Aurora Sunset Danica Ombre Breakfast Bowl - Lollygag
Danica Studio Aurora Sunset Ombre Mug Set - Lollygag
Danica Studio Reusable Swedish Dishcloths Drying Mats Set - Lollygag
Danica Studio Retro Garden Reusable Swedish Dishcloths Trio - Lollygag
Heirloom Chambray Fringed Napkins
Danica Studio Dog Days Swedish Cloth Dry Mat Set - Lollygag
Danica Studio Cat's Meow Reusable Swedish Cloth Dry Mat - Lollygag
Chicken reusable swedish dish drying mat
Danica Studio Sunshine Ochre Imprint Mug Set - lollygag
Danica Studio Sunshine Jacquard Kitchen Towels Set - Lollygag
Danica Studio Dreamy Skies Jacquard Kitchen Towel Set - Lollygag
Danica Studio Zephyr Jacquard Kitchen Towel Set - Lollygag
Sustain Mint Glass Water Bottle
People Person Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Small World Stainless Steel Water Bottle
77 results
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