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Danica Studio

Founded in 2009 in Vancouver BC, Danica Studio is a modern and quirky design studio with a distinctly Canadian flavor, inspired in equal parts by city's cosmopolitan streets and coastal wilderness that surrounds them.
Nine talented designers and two or three dogs sketch, paint, illustrate, photograph, and argue over the merits of various Canadian indie bands of the ‘90s, The studio collaborates on all of the designs and works together on every detail of each item.

Danica Studio - Lollygag.co
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Daily Affirmations Artisan Kitchen Towels: Gift Boxed - lollygag
Imprint danica Medium Sunshine Bowl
Mighty One Tall Mug by Danica Studio - Set of 2 - lollygag
Swedish Dishcloths - Set of 4 - lollygag
Blush Pink Glass Water Bottle - lollygag
Birdland Tall Mug by Danica Studio - Set of 2 - lollygag
Stay Wild Coasters Set of 4
Solstice/ Retro Rainbow Kitchen Towels: Set of 2 - lollygag
Navy Geo Dinner Plates Set - lollygag
Moonrise Artisan Kitchen Towels: Gift Boxed - lollygag
Solstice Mug by Danica Studio - lollygag
Sold Out
Curated Sunrise, Sunset Dinnerware Set - lollygag
Sustain Mint Glass Water Bottle
Navy Geo Salad Bowls- lollygag
Imprint Collage Mug: Dreamy Skies - set of 2 - lollygag
Imprint Zephyr Kaleidoscope Dinner Plate - Set of 2 - lollygag
Small World Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Imprint Indigo Sky Moon Salad Plates - Set of 2 - lollygag
Sustain Ink Glass Water Bottle
Strong & Free Artisan Kitchen towel: Gift Boxed - lollygag
Imprint Zephyr Kaleidoscope Medium Bowl - Set of 2 - lollygag
Cosmic Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Imprint Indigo Sky Moon Mug - Set of 2 - lollygag
48 results
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