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Holiday Faves

Puff Pastry Holiday Pesto & Marinara Trees recipe

Puff Pastry Holiday Trees (Pesto & Marinara) Canapé Duo

This festive & fun puff pastry holiday trees (pesto & marinara) canapé duo is the perfect tasty tidbit for any holiday party or gathering. With so many options for variations, these appetizers are great for the kiddos as well as those sitting at the adult table!
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Swedish Snowball Cookies recipe- Lollygag

Swedish Snowball Cookies

These little bites are perfect for any holiday  gathering or for sweet lil' nibble with a warm cup of coffee or a delicious hot toddy

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Swedish Rosettes recipe - lollygag

Swedish Waffle Rosettes with Chai Apple Honey Caramel Topping

Who doesn’t love a fried treat & this light & airy Swedish Waffle Rosettes? It’s a great way to wow your friends & family on holidays and easily enjoyed with a variety of delicious toppings.

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Deviled Egg Duo recipe

Jetsetter Deviled Eggs Duo

This flavorful duo of deviled eggs are the perfect party appetizer with a twist! A combo of spicy chorizo Cha-Cha-Cha & Golden Goddess Turmeric deviled eggs.

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Dutch Oven Poulet Roti

Dutch Oven Poulet Roti with Roasted Vegetables & Turmeric Tahini Sauce

This French inspired mouth-watering roasted chicken recipe with rainbow roasted veggies & turmeric tahini dressing is the perfect main for any holiday or family dinner.

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Bourbon balls recipe lollygag

Cocoa Boozy Bon-Bon Balls

This chocolaty spin on my mom (Karen’s Bourbon) balls is absolute delish! The perfect pairing with coffee or a fantastic holiday treat.

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Holiday Sufganiyot (Fun-filled Hanukkah Doughnuts)

Holiday Sufganiyot (Fun-filled Hanukkah Doughnuts)

"These Sufganiyots or little heavenly clouds of delicious fried doughnuts filled with a sweet surprise.."

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Garden Delish Matzo Ball Soup lollygag

Garden Delish Matzo-Ball Soup with Crispy Chicken Bits

This is a modern spin on the perfect vegetable packed Passover recipe, one that's a true “feel good” comfort dish, easy to make and full of soul!
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Bruschetta Pomodoro -

Bruschetta Pomodoro

Kick that holiday party or celebration off right with this fresh & zesty appetizer, perfect for an easy grab n' go snack that leaves one hand free for that party cocktail!s
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Mediterranean Bruschetta Duo

Mediterranean Bruschetta Duo

Every dinner party needs great appetizers and this one is a sure fired winner! Use as is or create variations of topping of your own, either way it's sure to be a huge hit
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The Day After Poutine -

The Day After Poutine

This is comfort food at it’s finest...take a nap!
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Halloween Party Duo Wickedly Devil-ish Eggs -

Halloween Party Duo Wickedly Devil-ish Eggs

These wickedly delicious party snacks are sure to be the talk of the table or the cause of serious injury fighting over the last egg!
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