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Vintage Mid-Century Couroc of Monterey is having a moment and it's not hard to see why.
The Californian brand, known for their intricate inlay work, has been making a comeback in the world of interior design along with the revival of retro decor.

Created in 1948 in Monterey, California by founders Guthrie Sayle Courvoisier and his wife Moira Wallace, Couroc of Monterey specialized in creating unique pieces of home decor using a technique called "inlay," which involves embedding different materials (such as mother of pearl, abalone, and wood) into acrylic to create bold, intricate designs.

Known for their pieces being not only beautiful but also functional, with pieces constructed of black phenolic resin developed by Courvoisier himself, and marketed as impervious to alcohol, boiling water, alkalis, acids, and cigarette burns.
Their serving trays, especially those produced during the 1960's-80's make for a retro-cool add to any coffee table or bar cart, and their playful icons (such as the Rooster or owl with crystal stars) are the perfect pop of kitsch for any home.

Racing for Roadrunners!

Perhaps one of the most iconic Couroc of Monterey designs is their Roadrunner collection of cocktail glasses & serving trays. Featuring a fantastical roadrunner running to his next cocktail or dinner party, these unique pieces are made from painstakingly hand inlaid abalone shells and sea plants from Monterey Bay, making them the perfect statement piece for any Mid-Century Modern inspired home.

We're Crazy for Couroc, and whether you're on the hunt for a statement serving tray or simply a conversation starter, our selection of Couroc of Monterey hard to find glassware & serving trays is the way to go!


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