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Zero Waste,Happy Place Travel Flatware Set: Matte Black/Neutral


Small changes equal big results!

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Each box includes 2 chopsticks, a spoon, fork, with one biodegradable wheat travel box making this set easy to carry and an awesome gift for your eco-friendly friends.

Look très chic while helping Mother Earth at the same time...  
This matte black & silver metallic reusable cutlery set with a fun biodegradable travel case made from wheat (that reads "Zero Waste, Happy Place") is the perfect
on-the-go way to be environmentally conscious while making a statement -literally!

Did you know it takes over 1,000 years for single-use cutlery to decompose and the overabundance of plastic pollution in our ocean suffocates marine life?? 
Let's make difference together by reducing our carbon footprints and making the switch to reusable flatware that, let's face it, looks a thousand times better too!

Material: FDA approved 18/8 Stainless Steel/ Biodegradable wheat box

Finish:  Matte black/metallic finish

Dimensions: Box is 9.25" H x 2.5" W

Care: Dishwasher safe, but hand wash recommended for flatware to preserve the finish.

Maker: Lollygag.co

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