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Vintage Starburst 8 Cup Muffin Tin: Ekco


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Add a bit of Art Deco charm to your baking experience with these rare vintage steel Starburst patterned muffin tins.

Their modern & cool patterns and rustic charm makes these perfect for serving your favorite muffins or oven baked snacks in, no need for a separate serving tray...these are great as is!

* Please note: These tins are in great condition, but may have a bit of wear and small areas with oxidation from use over time. This should not affect your baking experience and natural patina is perfect for those instagram shots!

Material: Vintage steel ovenware

Dimensions: 8 Cup Muffin Tin-14" x 7 1/2"

Care: Hand-wash recommended, dry completely after wash to avoid rust.

Makers: Ovenex and Ekco: Made in the USA -1940's

* Please note that all vintage items are non-returnable
see our return policy for exceptions.

These items are previously used but in excellent condition. However, due to the age on the items, some might have minor imperfections that shouldn't affect the function of the item-please hover on the image for a closer look.

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