LUX Parvati Large Candle Meditation Bowl: Palo Santo & Ginger Wood


Add a peacefully perfect flare to your home with this large Palo Santo artisan candle from Lux by Trish K. 

This unique candle was created using a vintage Brass/Gold metallic plated meditation bowl with a dramatic enamel purple pop on interior of the bowl.

A hand poured soy wax scented with a warm ginger wood and Palo Santo creates a calm & relaxing feel with a hint of pine and lemon for a woodsy vibe...
Being "Green" never smelled so good & it's easy to repurpose your bowl when finished for storing your favorite jewelry or snacks.

Love your life & light it up! 

* Please note: Do not wash the excess wax out when the vessel is still hot, as this may cause the delicate 
lacquer from these bowls to peel.


Vessel: Brass plated meditation bowl/Enamel

Burn Time: 40-45 Hrs.

Candle: All candles are created using eco-friendly wax made of organic US-grown soybeans, lead-free cotton wicks, and premium phthalate-free fragrance essential oils.

Candle Info & Care

Care: Always use your candle on a flat safe surface, far from potential fire hazards.

First burn: Light the candle for 2-4 hours, so the wax can melt and pool properly.
Keep wick trimmed to ¼" every time you light your candle.

Once your candle wax is done, use hot water and soap to clean your vessel
and continue enjoying it! 

Vessel - Hunted & gathered vintage "up-cycled" items- each one may
vary slightly due to the nature of vintage goods.

Vintage return policy

* Please note that all vintage items are non-returnable
These items are previously used but in excellent condition. However, due to the age on the items, some might have minor imperfections that shouldn't affect the function of the item-please hover on the image for a closer look.

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