Pierre Swirl Tumbler Glass Set: Blue Pheasant


Set of 2
* Choose from 3 beautiful color hues: Cerulean Blue, Rose Pink, and Icicle.

The Pierre tumbler glass by Blue Pheasant has a delicately swirled hand-blown twisted design giving them a soft bell shape with textural movement. Paired with 3 spectacular color hues & a subtle frosted look & retro sensibility making these glasses perfect for any happy hour or everyday use.

These handcrafted stylish tumblers are durable and rests nicely in the hand...whether it's filled with water, a seasonal cocktail, or a glass of fruity sangria they will be a great add to any table.

Product Details

Material: Hand Blown Glass

Dimensions: 3.5" D x 4" H, 8.25 Oz


Dishwasher Safe
We recommended selecting the low-energy / air-dry cycle


Blue Pheasant/ Portugal

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