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Pierre de Sommelier Corkscrew and Opener Bar Set: Vintage Aldo Columbo


Set of 2: 1 Corkscrew Bottle Opener, 1 Bottle Opener

Having a hipster moment?? Well, we sure are!

With this super rare 1984 vintage Aldo Columbo Pierre de sommelier bar set including 1 awesome corkscrew and 1 bottle opener...

You'll be sure to make a statement with this kitschy set at hand, with his mustache-adorned smirk and bow-tied body, he will make you smile every time you use them!

This set makes a superb gift for any professional bartender, home bar collector, or connoisseur of Deco-inspired barware.

Material: Vintage Silverplate

Dimensions: Corkscrew - 8.25″H x 2.75″W x 1.75″D
Bottle Opener: 6.25" Tall x 2" W

Maker: Aldo Columbo -made in Italy -1980's

Care: Hand Wash Only Recommended

* Please note that all vintage items are non-returnable
see our return policy for exceptions

These items are previously used but in excellent condition, However, due to the age on the items, some might have minor imperfections that shouldn't affect the function of the item-please hover on the image for a closer look.

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