Mod Moon Phase Large Stoneware Canisters Set


Two large stoneware canisters/ jars with bamboo lids

Give your kitchen a cool modern vibe with these hand stamped Mod Moon-Phase large stoneware canisters/jars sets.

Drawing inspiration from the 60's and infused with some geo half-moon sass, these jars come in two fun colorful combos - Indigo & Coral or Juniper Green & Blush. 

Not only do these hand stamped jars add a pop of whimsy and color to any kitchen, but they're also super practical too. With their bamboo lids and air tight seals, you can keep your spices, sugar, loose leaf teas, or coffee fresh and flavorful for days on end. 

Product Details

Material: Stoneware & Bamboo

Dimensions: 4.25" H x 4"Tall.


Hand wash recommended. Avoid soaking the lids in water.

Recommended Long Term Care for Lids: Revive & finish wood easily every few months with Beeswax Paste if needed-We suggest Interstate Wood Works Hand Mixed Beeswax Paste.

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