Gatsby Rocks Tumbler Glass Set


Set of 2

Inspired by the Golden Era of Hollywood days and iconic Art-Deco greats, the Gatsby Rocks Glass is the perfect Old Fashioned glass/tumbler with a vintage look and feel for your table.
An ideal well-constructed glass with just the right details & heavy in the hand... it's great for that evening scotch neat or aspiring whiskey connoisseurs.

Whether you're a Great Gatsby fan or just love all things Deco-inspired...this will be a spectacular addition for any home bar collection.

*History of Spiegelau -From creating fine glass mirrors for the old Royal courts of Europe to manufacturing sturdy yet fine glassware for the modern-day hospitality trade, Spiegelau has a history of high performance. For five centuries they have labored to combine hand craftsmanship with the latest glass-making techniques.

Material: Crystal

Dimensions: " D X 3¼" H/ holds 9.25 oz.

Care: Dishwasher Safe.

Origin: Spiegelau, Germany.

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