Costa Brava Mazarine Blue Matte Stoneware Small Rice Bowl Set


Set of 2

Create a cool & relaxed coastal European vibe for your table with the Costa Brava matte stoneware collection in Mazarine Blue.

This set of small matte stoneware rice/side tidbit bowls has a modern, minimal design in a rich navy/ink hue that can be found in any European home, great for serving of all your favorite sides, rice, sauces, snacks or desserts.

The Costa Brava collection is modern, durable, and easy to mix & match all colors for a fun look, and, with their classic shape, they are effortless to stack, store and enjoy on a daily basis.

Product Details

Material: Lead-free Stoneware in a matte glaze finish. Please note: due to the glazing process, each batch may vary slightly in shade.

Dimensions: 4.25" Diam. x  2.5" Tall


Dishwasher & Microwave safe.

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