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Capdeco City Ruby Red 10PC Flatware Set

Style: 10-Piece

Serving for 2

Set of 10 includes: 2 Dinner Forks, 2 Salad Forks, 2 Dinner Knives (serrated on both sides), 2 Soup Spoons, 2 Small Spoons

The Capdeco City Ruby Red Flatware set is Inspired by the bold clean lines of city skyscrapers and its beautiful pearlescent ruby red handles are like taking a bite out of the Big Apple itself! This modern stainless steel & resin 10PC flatware collection is a perfect way to add a high-end design and elegant style to your table or any gathering. 

Created by a French family whose expertise in cutlery has spanned generations, Capdeco's unique flatware sets are of the highest quality, and their beautiful design sensibility is like adding a piece of art to any gathering.

* Note: The knife is finely serrated on both sides with fine on one and larger serration on the opposite side.

* This item is imported, please allow 2 weeks for deliveryIf faster delivery is needed. please contact us directly.

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