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Candy Taffy Rainbow Swirl Handmade Mug: Clay Factor

$37.40 $44.00
Color: Candy Taffy

Single Clay Factor Handmade Mug

Catch a glimpse of HAPPY with these colorful handmade Candy Taffy Rainbow Swirl Mugs by Pacific Northwest Artisan-Clay Factor.

You will instantly be transported to your favorite candy shop with a bright & cheery swirl of colorful candy hues creating a rainbow for your table.

It will be hard not to smile when you pour your morning cup of Joe or serve
hot cocoa to friends and family...a guaranteed party in a cup!

Mix n' match all colors for a fun collection for your kitchen.

* Due to the handmade nature of this work, no piece is exactly alike and the item you receive may differ slightly from pictured.

Product Details

Material: Handmade Porcelain & Glazed exterior & interior

Dimensions: 3.25"D x 4.15"H, 14oz


Clay factor -  Portland, Oregon


Hand-wash recommended, Microwave Safe

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