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When it comes to Mid-Century Modern design, one name always comes to mind - Georges Briard.

Georges an American artist & designer in was Born in the Ukraine as Jakub Brojdo, he was a true visionary in the world of home decor/entertaining and no MCM modern home would dare be spared of his amazing designs.

His fearless use of bold patterns and bright colors, paired with his attention to detail, made his designs truly stand out in a unique way and subject for many collectors of Mid-Century decor.
He was not afraid to mix & match different patterns and colors to create visually striking looks, both contemporary and timeless and his designs often featured geometric shapes, clean lines, and whimsical illustrations giving them a very modern feel, perfect for creating a statement for any room or dinner party.

Kitsch with a kick!

Briard's designs were most popular during the 1950's-70's and included a wide range of products including glassware, wood serving trays, cheese boards and barware with a modern spin on kitsch including intricate details such as gold leaf accents which added a touch of luxury to his pieces.
These details made his designs spectacular for entertaining and hosting stylish happy hours. One of the things that made Briard's designs so popular was their versatility. They were perfect for both formal and casual entertaining and could easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

George Briard was a true innovator in the world of Mid-Century design with coveted signature patterns such as Name Your Poison, Peace Doves, Golden Suns & Europa used for a variety of glassware, ceramics, metal, wood, serveware, coffee pots, dishes & more...

If you're looking to add a touch of Mid-Century style to your home or next swanky soirée, then check out our kitschy collection of wood serving trays & cheese boards collectable George Briard serveware pieces!


Vintage Finds

We are firm believers in reduce, reuse & reLOVE, that's why vintage finds are a great idea!
Better quality? We believe so, those items are generally hand made or made with better quality materials which surpass most current mass produced products.

Drinkware & Barware

Drinkware & Barware

Add a bit of SWANK to your evening cocktail with our ultra-cool art deco & Mid-Century glasses, cocktail shakers & barware

Vintage Drinkware ↝

Vintage Serveware

Vintage Serveware

From Art Deco to Mid-Century or groovy 70's, you'll find the egg dish servers, charcuterie cheese boards, chips & dip & dessert plates

Serveware ↝

Kitchen Essentials

Kitchen Essentials

Add some nostalgic style & charm to your next baking, cooking with great unique kitchen essentials

Vintage Kitchen Essentials ↝

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