Diva Low Striped Tumbler/Rocks Glass Italian Set


Set of Vidivi Striped Diva Low Stackable Tumbles

Add a pop of true Italian style & charm to your next beverage or family dinner with this sleek and modern Vidivi Diva rocks low tumblers.

These glasses have a beautifully linear textured interior and smooth exterior for a comfortable grip while adding a cool design to your table or bar collection, perfect for enjoying every day beverages or serving your favorite cocktails.

Beautifully crafted in Italy, VIdivi glassware is made of lead-free purified glass that offers the brilliance of crystal with the durability of everyday use and can withstand up to 3000 industrial washings

* Note the crystal clear brilliance will be enhanced with the first wash. 

Product Details

Material: Lead-free Purified Glass
100% Recycled glass 

Dimensions: 3.7" H, 12.5 oz.


Vidivi | Verona Italy


Dishwasher & Microwave safe
Made to withstand 3000 industrial washings

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