Large Hobstar Coupe Cocktail Glass Set: Libbey


Set Of Libbey Coupe Glass

Inspired by the days of old Hollywood Glam, this LIBBEY Art-Deco diamond-cut champagne/coupe cocktail glass has a vintage look and feel. Honored after the Hob and Star design, this large coupe glass is perfect for serving champagne, frozen cocktails, or mixed drinks, and has a high quality thicker glass which makes them sturdy enough for even serving appetizers & desserts.

Add a pop of pizazz and sophistication to any gathering & they make a fun gift for any Art -Deco Lovers!

Product Details

Material: Lead-free Pressed Glass

Dimensions: 4¾" H 4⅛" D/ 8.5oz


Libbey, Cambridge, Ma.



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