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Curated Tableware Sets

We've made it simple to find the perfect tableware set to refresh your table...
From breakfast sets to curated dinnerware looks, we have everything you need to make those memories happen at the table.

Curated Tableware Sets
13 results
Bali Boho Dinnerware Set - lollygag
Santa Monica Sunset Curated Dinnerware Set
Hollywood Glam Dinnerware Set
Boho Dinnerware Set- lollygag
Modern Zen Dinnerware Set
Curated Sunrise, Sunset Dinnerware Set - lollygag
Sold Out
Curated Grown & Flown Dinnerware Set - lollygag
modern coffee and tea set
Aurora Sunset Ombre Breakfast Set - Lollygag
Modern Marcus Breakfast Set For 2
Aurora Breakfast Dish Set - lollygag
Ombre Breakfast Dish Set - Lollygag
Ombre Breakfast Mug and Bowl Dish Set
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