Rua Nova Anthracite Grey Portuguese Tiles Mugs Set

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Color: Anthracite Grey

Set of 2:Rua Nova Anthracite Grey Mugs

This rustic yet modern dinnerware collection was inspired by the Portuguese ceramist Rafael Bordalo, and the beautiful tiles found on many streets of Portugal still today... 

These earthenware mugs are embellished with an Anthracite Grey wash and geometric tile design,
 then hand finished in a rustic glaze making them great for your Boho bungalow...their larger size also makes them ideal for your favorite coffees, teas, or hot cocoa.

Mix and match both color hues for a fun and contemporary look.

Product Details

Material: Durable earthenware with a hand-antiqued finish
that reveals a darker ceramic underglaze.

Dimensions: 17 Oz


Bordallo Pinheiro, Portugal


Safe for Microwave, Dishwasher

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