Classic Pommes Frites

Classic Pommes Frites
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This is the ultimate comfort food that even the most steadfast can simply not resist,
so grab your favorites sauces and dig in! 

Total Time


1Hr & 20 Min prep, 10min cook time



  • 4 Large Russet Potatoes (necessary for the high starch)
  • Frying oil-Vegetable oil or Peanut oil
  • Quality salt and pepper for seasoning

Recipe Preparation:

Potato Prep:

      1. Wash and peel your potatoes-optional to leave the peel on. Then place in a large bowl filled with cold water to prevent browning.
      2. Cut each potato after blotting dry with a paper towel and cutting one end flat for stability- to 3/8” thick long cuts. Or use a french fry cutter. You can make them really any size you like as long as they are all a uniform size so that they cook at the same rate. Place back in the cold water while you prep the rest. These can be made and stored in the fridge for up to a day in advance.

      Blanching your fries:

      1. Pour enough oil into a deep frying pan, about 2 “ high and heat over medium heat until it reaches 300-325 ℉
      2. Set up a large baking tray on the counter with paper towels on it to absorb oil.
      3. Once your oil is to temp, dry with paper towels a  hand full of potatoes and place in a fry basket.
      4. Carefully lower into the oil- blotting them dry first helps prevent oil splattering as the water hits it.
      5. Blanch for around 2-3 minutes or until they seem slightly soft but not brown at this point. They should be cooked through but not too soft yet.
        * Using a timer will help consistency with cooking in batches, and be sure to let the oil return back to temp before each batch.
      6.  Once all of your fries have been blanched, arrange on a large cooking tray so that they are not touching and place in the refrigerator to chill for at least an hour or overnight- they should be nice and cold

       Cooking your fries:

      1. Heat Oil to 400 ℉
      2. When the oil is to temp, carefully add a handful of fries to your fry net and lower it into the oil. 
      3. Cook for anywhere from 1 1/2 to 4-5 minutes depending on how crunchy you would like them.
      4. Place on a paper towel and season while still hot while you work on your batches.
      5. Serve immediately with favorite sauces. See links to Let’s Get Saucy!


            • Serve in a classic parchment cone with salt, pepper, and chopped fresh Parsley or grated fresh Parmesan cheese for added drama
            • Add your favorite dipping sauces. Or our curry ketchup, garlic aioli, wasabi mayo, or honey mustard BBQ sauces


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