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Tableau Black Rim Dinner Plate Set

Color: White & Black Rim

Set of 2

The Tableau Black rim dinner plate set  is inspired by the work of famous painter-Piet Mondrian's Tableau & Composition series. Their classic, modern 
shapes and clean lines make them the perfect staple for your everyday tableware collection, and great for serving your favorite main dishes morning to night .

The classic white hand glazed plate is accented with a single hand-painted line on the edge -in black to outline its organic shape...

This set is also great for mixing and matching with other bold & modern colors or patterns. 

Material: Hand Painted Porcelain.

Maker: Canvas Home-Abbesses

Dimensions: 10.5" Diam.

Care: Microwave and dishwasher safe, however we recommend hand wash to ensure quality of colored rim.

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