Potter Stone Melaboo Terra-Cotta Dinner Plates Set: QSquared

$31.16 $38.00
Color: Beige/gray

Set of 2 QSquared melaboo dinner plates

Add a fun modern look to your table with Potter Stone dinner plates in Terra-Cotta. These sustainable, eco-friendly unique blend of melamine and bamboo plates are perfect for outdoor entertaining, and everyday use, and great for your kiddos!

Creating a beautiful texture that anyone would mistake for artisanal pottery, these plates are of virtually unbreakable, durable, shatter, stain, heat-resistant, and ideal for family dinners or enjoying fish tacos ↝ night with friends.

Product Details

Material: 100% Melaboo -  Melamine/Bamboo Hybrid, a sustainable & eco-friendly material.

Dimensions: 10" diameter




Dishwasher Safe

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