Atlas 2-Toned Multifunctional Butter Cheese Knives Set


Set of 2-Toned Multifunctional Butter Cheese Knives Set

Shave, scrape, cut & spread joy with these cool and colorful butter/cheese knives. These fun and multi-purpose knives are gold with matte metallic Aqua shimmer handles, and their saw teeth are sharp and easy to cut breads, butters, and softer cheeses...a great way to add a modern pop to your next dinner party or happy hour.

* Each Knife has a butter curler, slicer, spreader with a serrated edge and a butter scooper with an ergonomic handle.

Product Details

Material: Stainless Steel with gold mirror finish/handle is made of high temperature porcelain.

Dimensions: 8.5" Length/1" wide.


Dishwasher safe

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