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Ice Large/Low Power Bowl Set: Spirit Wares


Set of 2

Serve your favorite pasta dishes, large salads, noodles or main dishes in these beautifully textured Ice large/low power bowl set by Spirit Wares. Each large bowl has a unique beauty & subtle variation in color/finish to give them a multi-dimensional look with a classic white & ice blue crackle hued texture.

Made of porcelain clay with a reactive semi-gloss finish (lead free & non-toxic)these large power bowls are chef-designed, restaurant tested, and artisan-crafted making them "cool as ice" and the talk of any table!

Gorgeous for dinner parties, yet durable enough for everyday use.

 Each of these bowls are artisan crafted and can be celebrated for its unique beauty. With a hand-made quality & nature of the glazing process, each dish may vary slightly giving your table a beautiful artisan vibe. 

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