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Ice Power Bowl : Set of 2

$54.40 $68.00

Serve your favorite pasta dishes, salads, or noodles on these "cool as ice" textured large low bowls- with each piece having a unique beauty & subtle variation in color and finish to give them a multi-dimensional look with a classic white & ice blue hued accents.

These dynamic reactive glazed stoneware dishes are chef-designed, restaurant tested, and artisan-crafted making these beauties the talk of the table!

With a hand-made quality & nature of the glazing process, each dish may vary slightly giving your table a beautiful artisan vibe.  

* You can expect that the unglazed exposed areas the wares in our Earthen Spirit collection will develop a slightly deeper color over time.  This is a part of a natural process that happens with stoneware as it is used. 

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