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Farmer's Market Reusable Swedish Dishcloths/Drying Mat Set: Ecologie


Set of 3: 2 Dishcloths & 1 Dry mat

Celebrate community and show love for local businesses with this charismatic collection of Ecologie- Farmer's Market Reusable Swedish Dishcloths & Drying Mat Set.

Including 1 small dry mat, 2 dishcloths with whimsical illustrations of shop-local fun, and farm-fresh blueberries, perfect for cleaning up all your daily messes.

Add a pop of quirky fun to your kitchen while being ecologically minded with this Swedish dishcloth set, it's the perfect replacement for single-use paper towels & great for drying those dishes or washing fruits & veggies, or cleaning up after your spills!

Explore the quirky & inspiring world of Danica Studio ↝

Product Details

Material: 70% cellulose 30% cotton.

Dimensions: Dishcloth6.5"W x 8"L
Dry mat: 10"W x 12"L


Machine wash warm, or dishwasher top rack. Air Dry.


Ecologie/Danica Studio, Canada

2 Swedish Dishclothes = 34 paper towel rolls!

Swedish cloth - lollygag

Why are Swedish Dishcloth a genius idea?

Did you know the U.S. alone uses over 13 billion pounds of paper towels a year?

Swedish dishcloth sponges are an all-natural substitute for paper towels. Reusable, no odor, cloth all-purpose cleaning solution.

Switching to Swedish dishcloths & dry mats are an excellent idea, better for the environment, more affordable, and are simply cleaner & more efficient for any household.

Most sponges are made from plastic or other harmful materials to the environment. Our Swedish dishcloths are made of 70 percent sustainably sourced cellulose and 30 percent "waste cotton" meaning it's made from leftover textile cotton.

Each Swedish dishcloth can be washed up to 200+ times, equaling nine months (or more) of total use. WOW!

Swedish cloth - lollygag

How to use Swedish Dishcloths?

Using Swedish dishcloths is easier than you think!
Rinse, dry, repeat

  • Dampen the cloth in water to soften the material,
    it's ultra-absorbent.
  • Use your dishcloth to clean just as you usually would
    when using a paper towel, sponge, or standard dishcloth.
  • Rinse with water and hang or lay your Swedish dishcloth out to dry.
    Once dry, use your Swedish dishcloth again and again!
  • When your dishcloth is good and dirty, simply throw it in the
    washing machine or place in the top rack of the dishwasher.
swedish dishcloth compost - lollygag

A world of uses

You can easily use your Swedish dishcloth to clean
with water, soap, or your favorite household
cleaners and are typically used for:

  • Washing and drying dishes
  • Mopping up spills
  • Cleaning dirt off of vegetables like lettuce, mushrooms, peppers,etc
  • Cleaning windows, dusting, wiping countertops, floors, and cupboards
  • Dry mats can also be used for thawing out frozen foods,
    or laying your dishes out to dry
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