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What is vintage?

The word vintage simply mean “of age” or “from the past”.
When it comes to tableware Items that are over 20 years old they are generally considered vintage. (Over 100 years old is considered “Antique”).
However, vintage tableware or dinnerware is usually called second-hand or previously used. 

Sometimes we use the word “retro” but that simply means it’s inspired by, revival, or mimicking past vintage styles.

Why do we offer vintage glassware?

There is something nostalgically chic & cool about vintage glassware, and how using them transports you to a more glamorous time where entertaining at home (in true Holly Golightly style) with charismatic friends and delicious cocktails was the thing to do!

We wanted to bring back some of that “Old Hollywood” glamour and give beautiful vintage items a new life. We also care deeply for our planet and want to leave it in good condition for our kids, that’s why we are firm believers in reduce, reuse, recycle & reLOVE!

Buying second hand is an excellent way to lower your environmental footprint, as it’s much smaller then a with a new item and why not? These pieces are still functional & beautiful and that’s why vintage finds are a great idea!

Better quality?

We believe so, as past items are generally hand made or made with better quality materials which surpass most current mass produced products.

The majority of those items were made in the USA and Europe, either in smaller batches or by hand which has allowed them to endure for 20-30 years plus, not many modern items can say the same!

Let's take a journey back in time and explore the enduring classic coolness of the 20’s-30’s Art Deco style, the sleek minimalism of the 1940-50’s Mid Century swank, or the colorful psychedelic patterns of the 60’s & 70’s.
By mixing and matching different eras and styles, you can create an eclectic vibe for your home that tells your own story and reflects your great taste and style

Why buy from us

Buying vintage items doesn’t mean musty old items, we offer Mid century modern classics, items with iconic styling that will fit perfectly with modern lifestyle style and can be mixed with newer items.

Our vintage products look modern & trendy today as they looked years ago.
Most of the items we offer are very hard to find, we do the research and the legwork to source great condition items with no or minor issues, we show details images and go to great details in our description so you know exalt what you are getting.

Our process:

We clean, remove scratches and recondition Wood items. We overpack those items with great care so you will get them in one piece and enjoy them for years to come

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Vintage we offer

  • Glassware & stemware- including juice, tumblers, cocktail, champagne, wine, highball & martini glasses
  • Rare cocktail and bar sets
  • mugs, saucers and serving sets
  • Pitchers and carafe sets
  • Serveware- including charcuterie, cheese boards, serving dishes, dessert/dinner plates, chips & dip bowls, and deviled egg dishes
  • MCM pottery and ceramics and serveware and vases
  • Salt & pepper shakers and butter dishes
  • Bakeware & muffin tins
  • Movie and Pop Art nostalgia glasses - Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Star Trek, Marvel & DC comics
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Brands we carry

  • Couroc of Monterey
  • Fostoria
  • Indiana Glass Co.
  • Fire King
  • Anchor Hocking
  • Luminarc
  • Cambridge
  • Robert Maxwell for Pottery Craft USA
  • Frankoma
  • Fenton
  • Wexford
  • Arcoroc
  • Jeanette Glass Co.

and many more...

In a world that constantly thirsts for the next big thing, there's something undeniably cool that makes us crave Mid-Century Modern or “Mad Men” style and vintage items.
These timeless treasures from long ago add a touch of character and charm to any space, creating a unique atmosphere that can't be replicated with modern design alone.

Whether you are looking for a specific piece that reminds you of childhood, or searching for that perfect conversation starter for your retro bungalow, we have a great collection to get you started!


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