Reduce, reuse, re-love
Go eco while looking stylish

We simplify going 'green' everyday with easy swaps to eco-friendly products, ranging from Swedish dishcloths and drying mats to reusable travel flatware and straws.

Here are a few easy tips anybody can easily to reduce their carbon foot print:

Reusable Straws and Flatware

1. Ditch Plastic

Say no to single-use plastics, Use reusable bags, water bottles, straws & flatware.
Plastic is a major cause of pollution harming our beautiful wildlife and ecosystems.

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Reusable swedish dishclothes

2. Cloth Not Paper

Forgo boring paper towels,
Instead use fun illustrated Swedish dishclothes - reusable, biodegradable & machine washable.
Their plant-based fibers make them your ultimate superpower for cleaning, washing, and drying.

Paper napkins contribute to the loss of forest habitats.
Switch to cloth napkins, it does the job while adding a touch of color to your next meal.

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Reusable Water Bottles

3. Plastic Bottle - Still?

Plastic takes ages to break down & pollutes our oceans and sea life. Our glass & Tea infuser bottles are reusable rockstars!
Refill them again & again and keep your drinks looking and staying cool.

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Vintage vibe

4. Embrace the Vintage Vibe!

Consider shopping second-hand and prioritize quality over quantity, especially when it comes to clothing and other goods.

Some vintage pieces are not only better crafted and more durable, but they also have a unique, handcrafted beauty that deserves a second chance at life!

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We aren't interested in adding to landfills

Our packaging is 100% recycle

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