Acopa Pangea Tall Fluorite Green Glass Set


Set of 2 Acopa Tall Beverage Fluorite Green Glasses

Get ready to give your next gathering a playful pop of color, sparkle & shine that will add a bit of pizazz to any table with the Acopa Pangea tall glasses in Fluorite pale Green or Clear – true showstoppers!

These gorgeous tall glasses take their cue from nature, with a stunning pale green hue or crystal clear that will make your table pop, and their sleek, modern shape makes it the perfect choice for everyday use for a refreshing glass of water or juice to elevating your craft cocktail game... making your drinks feel like true works of art.

Acopa brand is well known for its high quality & durability, those glasses are scratch resistant and guaranteed to last many years.

* Mix & match all colors and add our Pangea stemless martini glasses in hues of Fluorite, Garnet or Smokey Topaz into the mix for a playful & fun ambiance.

Product Details

Material: Lead-free Glass

Dimensions: 5⅝" Tall, x 3⅛" Diam./ Holds 16oz.


Dishwasher safe.



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