Mario Luca Double Faced Acrylic Rainbow Set


Set of 4 Mario Luca Giusti Acrylic Glasses: Hot Pink, Orange, Turquoise, Green

Virtually unbreakable, stylish, and great for anything from your morning juice to your evening cocktail or poolside gatherings.

These colorful double-faced acrylic glasses inspired by a rainbow of jewels, were designed and crafted by Italian designer Mario Luca Giusti.

Each glass is made from the highest quality acrylic with white on the inside and textured vibrant colors on the outside to give you a pop of color me  "HAPPY" to your day.

Perfect for you, your kids, poolside, or party'll be sure to love these tumbler cups!

Product Details

Material: Acrylic, BPA free

Dimensions: 4.3" Tall, 6.75 oz


Mario Luca Giusti/ Italy


Hand wash only.

Although it resists most chemicals found in normal use, dishwasher rinse agents can cause cracking and crazing (hairline cracks) on the surface. Therefore it is not recommended for use in the dishwasher or microwave.

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