Salt Collection 3 Pack - by Spicewalla

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We like to get SALTY in the kitchen and this collection includes three of our favorite specialty salts that are great for every day cooking, baking, and sprinkling. 

If you've never experienced more than fine grain salt from the grocery store, then its time to up your salt game. These three salts will set you on a salt path to redemption and make an awesome gift! 


Sicilian Sea Salt
Crunchy, moist, and briny. Natural, delightful, and hand-harvested in Sicily. A workhorse salt that is great on baked goods, pasta, rubs, and anything requiring salt.

Cyprus Flake Salt
Delicate, crisp, and light. This is that insanely cool, pyramid-shaped salt you've heard so much about. Try it as a finishing salt on salads, fruits, and pastries.

Himalayan Pink Salt
Minerally, balanced salinity, and clean. If you haven't heard about the amazingness that is Himalayan pink salt yet, where have you been? Under a (salt) rock? Try on steaks, roasted vegetables, and salads.

Care: Store spices in a dark, cool spot. Shelf life 24-36 months.

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